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Very recently a letter from the Conservative councillors for Chineham and Bramley and Sherfield was published in the Basingstoke Gazette - you can read it here
Clear to most residents is the sheer scale of green fields now ear marked for housing within their wards and indeed that it represents substancial development in one part of Basingstoke but this obviously isn't clear to them!
I know many of you have already seen it & along with the other replies published by the Gazette my response to their letter can be read here.

With all the headlines I've put up a Manydown Map to show the area many are talking about and also some info about the lands purchase

What of the A33 ? It is not just the possibility of jobs that will make this road even busier - new development definately will.
Infrustructure 'improvements' already outlined include a further exit on the Taylor's Farm roundabout, possible signalling for Binfields roundabout and works to Crockford Road roundabout. Funding certainly doesn't look to be available for any dualling - if enough road space is available.


There seems to be a realisation that more primary school places will be required in Basingstoke.
It is very cold comfort to those of us who were concerned about amalagamations and school closures to see that we were not that far off in our beliefs with regards to pupil numbers.



Following the 'positive campaining', which extended across all parties, for last year's elections Maria Miller is on record as saying that negative campaigning is what people hate most about politics - It is a shame therefore to see what bumpf her local colleagues have been putting through Chineham ward letterboxes so far this year!

Following swiftly on the heels of the opening of Marnel Lodge (Carter Drive, Popley) comes the news that the
old 'Motorland' site near Viables is also to be developed as a home for the elderly.

Works are underway to improve Basingstoke's sewerage systems to cope with the forecast growth in population up to 2021.
The project, expected to take fifteen months, is part of of a programme of essential work being undertaken by Thames Water to comply with new European regulations.

Housing & development in Basingstoke and Deane remains, quite rightly, toward the top of local agendas. The public consultation ended recently and results are being released.
With the coalition government's plans to reward house building and the borough's recently reaffirmed figures for affordable provision can Basingstoke be either allowed or financially able to cut dramatically back on annual building figures? - we will just have to see but expect total figures of more than 350 dwellings a year.

Abandoned shopping trolleys have long been a blight across Chineham and Tesco have now employed a collection service. Trolleys can now be reported for collection on (01932) 882210 or
by email to contol@trolley-tcs.co.uk

The Greening Chineham Campaign will be officially launched on 2nd April at Four Lanes Community Junior School at 2.30pm further details can be found at greeningchineham.hampshire.org.uk

Some good news regarding broadband is that BT are putting further high speed cabinets into the Basingstoke area & Chineham looks set to benefit - Beggarwood, another area with unremarkable speeds, however sadly seems to have been 'overlooked'.

Bin collections and importantly the issue of green bins have taken some column inches recently. BDBC are finalising details for a new waste contract and it appears that Basingstoke still suffers with a poorer than achievable recycling rate which is pretty sad news.


Regional housing targets have been revoked by the new coalition government which means that we wont be bound as a borough to build 900+ houses a year - good news!
However, making national headlines is the fact that this new government thinks these targets slowed house building and plan to reward councils who do build - so there remains a very large question mark over how much development Basingstoke will still see.

If you take your car into Basingstoke to shop or frequent the various central leisure facilities then you might want to consider signing an online petition that aims to protect certain town center car parks from being built on.
The KOPS - Keep Our Parking Spaces - petition and more details can be found here www.ourcampaign.org.uk/KOPS

Residents who were allocated a plot on the new Chineham allotments back in June have still not been able to put fork to any soil. A snag list is being worked through prior to the Parish Council accepting handover.

Unauthorised traveller encampments are continuing to take place in and around Basingstoke.

July 2010

The roadworks taking place on Reading Road have caused some inconvenience to pedestrians with motorists having had the delight of slow changing traffic lights.
I'm told that these works are to connect up commercial areas to the fibre to cabinet broadband - if this is the case how is it that once again residents have to put up with pain but get none of the gain?

Unauthorised traveller encampments are continuing to take place in and around Basingstoke.
The second scrutiny meeting which is examining the borough's traveller policy took place on 30th June and gave a strong indication that even should a transit site or sites be provided they won't necessarily mean a complete end to unauthorised encampments.
It also appears that any such site provision would now have to be funded locally.

It has been reported that scientists have identified a protein that could be an early indicator for Alzheimer's disease - it is always good to hear such news and a reminder that there are people working to battle this disease.


June 2010

Monday 21st June marks not only the longest day of the year but also the end of the SHLAA consultation - if you want to get your questionaire in and make comment about the nearby proposed development areas you need to do so then by 5pm.
I've signed SOLVE's petition and written to the LDF team.

Not had a lot of luck with my garden waste collection recently, basically it hasn't been - collected.

The new Chineham Allotments have been allocated! Hopefully tennants will be able to make a start on their plots by mid July.
Well done & thanks to the Parish Council for sticking with what has been a long, and by all accounts at times tricky, project.

The Infinity Broadband Bus visited Basingstoke recently - it appears that BT are relying on initial take-up to fund further rollouts of the superfast broadband product.
Could they not have saved some money and increased the possible coverage to residents by not prettying up a double decker?
So few residents are currently able to access superfast broadband that such a visible presentation must only rub salt into some open wounds?


April/May 2010

Unauthorised traveller encampments is one topic featuring within my campaign leafet. Residents have told me how they would prefer a swifter dispersal and also enforcement with related issues seen to be done.

Planning does matter and whilst further building is on the cards for Basingstoke I do not support the regional increased housing figures of 900+ per year and am firmly in favour of family homes.
Decisions over where to build are ongoing and obviously our environment needs as much protection as it can get

March 2010

Spring is definately in the air and what better a topic to mention than allotments?
Various decisions and finalisation of paperwork seem to have been occuring over recent weeks and the allocation of the 37 plots looks to be coming soon.

Travellers in Reading Rd apparently gained entry as the barrier failed to be locked following some work undertaken by BT.
It looks as though the latest unauthorised encampments are at Priestley Rd and Jays Close - again!

Pot Holes in Hampshire are being tackled with help from a machine called a Jetpatcher. It sprays a mix of bitumen and aggregate under pressure into a hole which fills and seals it.
The Jetpatcher could fill up to 2000 holes a week - as it appears to cost £60 per hole how many do you think it will manage?

On the similar subject of roads - what has been happening with all the traffic jams of late?
The ring road has been seen coming to a standstill due to works at Eastrop roundabout/traffic lights but why on earth close a main road at rush hour when no work was apparently being undertaken such as onthe morning of 16th March?!


February 2010

Recycling via the kerbside collection really isnt that difficult so you can imagine my concern when I came across a local item online that did little to make it any clearer to it's readers.
I've therefore put a little simplistic piece of my own together - take a look at the Recycling Page

Travellers have appeared next to the A33 again - How is it that they were able to gain entry to the land?
I was also astounded to read that the traveller unit of HCC has a £107,000 yearly loss and operation of it's four permanent sites within county cost £330,000 per year.
Something to watch is the apparent transfer of these exisiting sites away from HCC to being the responsibility of more local planning/housing authorities.

Pot Holes and broken road surfaces can be found in Chineham and throughout Basingstoke caused mainly by the recent very cold spell.
In places temporary 'fillings' are being put in - lets hope that more sturdy repair follows swiftly.
The reports that almost 50% less than five years ago is being spent on highways within the borough doesnt come as a shock to many. However, given the increase in both housing and vehicles movements this has to change. That change must be in the upward direction.

January 2010


Snow was no joke for many just before Christmas and it wasn't just Chineham that became gridlocked but most of Basingstoke.
Quite clearly what lessons were supposed to have been learned earlier in 2009 were not sufficient to keep traffic moving or pathways safe enough.

How full are your bins? My grey and green bins are completely full. Due to the bad whether waste collections were halted for a few days but have been scheduled so hopefully at least there will be a grey collection this week.
The weather and festivities combined to create an inconvienience but with the issue of recycling fairly high on the agenda a faster rescheduling of this service by the council would have been welcomed by many.


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