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You will need

A small baking tin
(about 9"x7" - 23x17cm)

Butter 100g (4oz)
Brown Sugar 75g (3oz)
Porridge Oats 250g (10oz)
Golden Syrup 2tblsp


Oven Temperature

Gas Mark 5

(reduce for fan ovens)




I hope I dont come across as being half-baked but if anyone does fancy a bit of a cook-up then this recipe is an easy family favourite - enjoy!


1. Over a low heat melt the butter in a largish sauspan.
(don't boil it!)

2. Add the brown sugar and stir - letting it still gently warm.
(I have used soft brown sugar or demerara)

3. Add to this the two tablespoons of golden syrup and stir.
(big kids and little kids like licking the spoons!)

4. Turn the heat off under the sauspan and add the oats to the sugar mixture ensuring that they are all coated well.
(adding the oats a bit at a time is fine)

5. Tip the oat mixture into the tin. Gently press this mixture around the tin with a knife or spoon and aim for a level top.

6. Place the tin in the oven to cook for approximately 15 minutes.
(do keep a watch after 10mins - you are looking for a golden brown finish)

7. When you bring the tin out of the oven after cooking DO NOT try and remove the flapjack from the tin.
(two reasons - they are very hot and will probably fall apart!)

8. Gently mark the flapjacks with a knife where you want to cut them and leave to cool as this makes them easier to remove from the tin.
(it doesn't matter if you cut big or small pieces - they wont last long!)


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