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I think there has been some improvement to footpaths about the area, indeed some new ones, but their maintenance should be kept up. Also its about time the 'waterways'/brook had a proper schedule of upkeep - years this has been of concern although its fair to say some wont now have all the history.        


The A33has received attention since I last stood for election, saying at that time that it needed some in light of the continuing development beside it.
Following fairly recent works, lane changes & traffic lights we are still seeing an extrememly busy road used like a race track somewhat encouraged by the movement of vehicles now in an increased stop start fashion rather than smooth flow.   

The marked increase in vehicle movements about the area in general  raises regular concern from residents not least with safety, parking and access problems.


Fly-tipping  is still a hot-topic.
I would like to see still a review of the increases made to the bulky waste collection charge if this were returned to a lower amount it would remove the opportunity provided to 'private' persons of collecting from residents more cheaply but possibly disposing of such bulky waste more irresponsibly.
I am also supportive of a second 'dump'/HWRC (recycling centre) in Basingstoke given the appointment systems now in place & size of centre in relation to the now vastly expanded Borough.  

Broadband continues not being that broad - its utter importance & value highlighted by the covid pandemic has surely secured its place as being an essential service. 
Of course what residents will also require is choice of provider thereby keeping future costs in check.


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