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I've put this site together myself and should you find a little humour it does not detract from the importance of the issues included but maybe highlight that I am only human and would make a hard working approachable councillor!


Written concerns AGAINST the Chineham Incinerator.

Clean Air

Lobbying in Chineham
For swift removal of & Traveller deterrents (Great Binfields Farm Lane - outside Primary school)

Parking problems

Against Anti-Social Behaviour

Speeding and traffic congestion.

Part of a campaign to save Worting Infant School prior to amalgamation.

Against closure of Chineham Park Primary.

Against closure Fort Hill Community School

Part of web team Spotlight on Chineham website & online forums

Local Business

As a small business owner myself I believe in supporting local enterprise.





I am not connected to any political party and am just a long-standing resident of the Borough.
Sometimes it is not until we are impacted personally by policies put in place that any of us take much notice of the workings of our council or even our councillors and it was much like that for me.

Since standing for election before I have continued to take an interest in our council's operations and involving myself locally as time and opportunity has allowed.
I continue to run a business and, whilst my eldest children have moved out, I still have children at home - the youngest is now in secondary school!
In addition to this I also found myself attending to the needs of elderly close-relatives and in undertaking these duties experienced first hand how related care services function and just how important it is for them to do so properly.

This year every Borough Councillor of Basingstoke & Deane is up for election with three positions for fill in the Chineham Ward. Personally I am not keen on 'floating' candidates or councillors who hop about at election time to different areas - why is it that this happens mainly with those representing the large political parties?

Local councillors elected via political party membership & campaigning are answerable to their local political groups.
They serve the interests of these political groups and not just their residents.

I believe in local people making local decisions and that party politics should be left to the national arena. Despite some claims to the contrary party politics does appear to be playing a more prominent role within local decision making, with it seems the same people making most of the decions from the ground up. 

As we can see across Basingstoke being a good councillor does not mean having to be a member of a local political party nor necessarily a member of a Parish Council. I am a member of neither which makes me a truly independent choice.  

If elected I would do all I can to ensure our area continues to be a great place in which to live and, as an Independent, be better placed to represent the interests of all residents.


Please vote for me on 6th May !


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