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Manydown Land



History of Purchase






An MDA for the west of Basingstoke was first identified by Hampshire County Council as part of it's structure plan
(for 3500-8500 dwellings) - Basingstoke and Deane's response at that time was to object to such an inclusion as it was looking to provide contained communities rather than a large suburban extension.

The land at Manydown was offered for sale by the trustees of the Manydown Company following it's inclusion under Policy MDA4 of the Hamsphire County Structure Plan (review) document - which proposed 4500 dwellings, employment & other facilities within the period 2001-2011.
We have become familiar with it being called 'the Manydown Land'.

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council aquired this land, west of Basingstoke, under a 999yr lease - with the option to purchase the freehold - in February 1996 from the trustees of the Manydown Company.
This aquisition was in part to ensure that subdivision and/or piecemeal development of the land did not take place (the land was being marketed by the owners) and thereby help to ensure the proper planning of the area.
It was effected pursuant to section 227 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. That section cross-refers to section 226 of the act & aquisition was for 'development' of the land and for 'the proper planning of the area'. The land is thus held for planning purposes.

The purchase was undertaken with agreement of Hampshire County Council.
Although Hampshire County Council wished to be partner to this aquisition it was not prepared to imediately contribute towards the purchase price and so inter-council agreement was made that it would be given the right to take a half interest in the future but until it exercised that right would pay Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council interest on 50% of the purchase price (£5million).

Simultaneously as the lease was taken by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council a Joint Development Partnership Agreement (JDPA) was made between the two councils for the joint management & development of the Manydown Land.
The JDPA did place an obligation upon both councils to promote/market the land for development.

The land was re-let to the Manydown Company for farming purposes but with a termination clause for redevelopment.



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