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Things To Go In Your Green Recycling Bin


— boxes (please flatten)
— cereal boxes
— other card packaging

— newspapers
— magazines/brochures
— junk mail
— envelopes (incl.windowed)

Tin Cans
(please rinse)

Plastic Bottles
(please rinse and remove lids placing these in black bin)

Drink Cans
— eg coke cans

Yellow Pages
(Yes, you can now!!)


Things that can go to a collection bank




Aluminium Foil







We are all being urged to recycle more but do we understand why? It is true that Basingstoke & Deane, as is the same with all councils, is set a recycling target and perhaps emphasis has somewhat shifted to focus on this rather than the reasons behind it being put in place.

Although in Hampshire we now have several incinerators, (one right on our doorstep!) nationally we are fast running out of landfill sites and so we have to divert waste elsewhere so that it does not become buried. Both of these waste 'solutions' do impact upon the environment.

Some raw materials are becoming scarce, emissons and greenhouse gases are mentioned frequently. Being able to make use of existing materials reduces the need for so many raw ones and indeed when used in manufacturing emissons can actually be lower than those produced when using raw material.

Recycling is about being more sustainable it gives no longer wanted or useful items a new lease of life. Occasionally things can be made back into the same, or similar, item whilst others into something completely different.
Glass bottles can be recycled and manufactured into new ones. Plastic vending cups can be made into pencils and plastic bottles into clothing.


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