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Retail Provision

Most of us will be happy to finally see the Chineham Centre enhanced. Going forward across the town retail provision will need careful thought given pandemic & online impacts to this sector. I am of course keen to see a Post Office return to Chineham & convienience shop provision   within future housing schemes.


Across the Basingstoke area we are all witnessing first hand the impact that development can have and the subsequent changes it brings with it.  
Not all developement is bad but I believe that planning decisions should be made at local level, have no desire to see our green areas concreted over and that our infrastructure needs HAVE to be addressed.

I want to see suffcient school places provided locally with travel distances, especially for Primary children, kept to a minimum.
Housing plans are bringing this into focus once more as a real concern to residents locally.
Our Borough council must take a strong & active approach with our County Council ( they are responsible for education ) regarding future school provision following elections to both councils this May.

Roads, Footpaths & Cycling
I believe we have to take the issues surrounding our roads and associated traffic very seriously.
I support sensible speeding restrictions, maintainence & parking improvements.
We are becoming more aware of how our journeys should become more sustainable for a variety of reasons - this should be at the forefront in route planning.


Recycling & Dumping

I have a good understanding, and am supportive of, recycling - which I believe the borough can still improve upon.
There are many more households to cater for and with regard to the recent changes to waste charges, appointments & fly-tipping about the Basingstoke area I am supportive of the idea of a second 'dump' (HWRC - Household Waste Recycling Centre)  for Basingstoke.

Climate & Sustainability 

I think we all understand that decisions we make today will be felt in the years to come.
I support long term solutions and not just quick fixes - everyone is realising that change, in terms of climate and action upon it, is happening.       









Jo Walke
Independent Candidate
( local resident - not a political party member)

Chineham Ward
Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Elections 6th May 2021

photo pending

I have lived in Chineham with my family for over 25 years. Indeed I have lived within the bounds of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council most of my life. I have been a previous candidate for election to our Council - I have always stood independently & ONLY in the electoral ward of Chineham.
My husband and I run our business from the ward and we have children living at home with older ones having flown the nest.          

As we all adjust to the impacts,  experienced & ongoing, of the Covid pandemic together with the fast changes to online shops and services you can rely on me to represent you in a fair, knowledgable and common sense manner if elected.                                                                                                      

Topics that I take a keen interest in are education, youth & elder provision, planning & development, waste and sustainability issues.


Jo Walke
The Local Independent Choice
for Chineham, Sherfield Park, North Binfields, Aurum Green & Vyne Park


Commenting Locally


POSTAL VOTING - you can apply to the Borough Council for a postal vote up to 20th April 2021 for this years local elections. 
Visit the council site:


A NEW PLAN - Fresh plans for development across Basingstoke & Deane is required by Government and the potential for further substancial greenfield housing is being looked at around the Chineham Ward.
For more info visit:



Borough Council Elections

Thursday 6th May 2021





Please check your poll cards for your designated Polling Station.

Polls open between 7am & 10pm on Thursday 6th May.
Please wear a mask and remember to social distance.



spring daffoldils

 Lets Move!

Lets Move is a FREE seated mobility exercise class run in & around the Basingstoke Area. Aimed primarily at elder residents, people living with dementia or mobility issues etc, but also catering for all those interested.
Exercises are gentle, deisgned to improve flexibility, aerobic health, balance, strength, memory and enhance overall wellbeing. 

Work has gone in to make these sessions Covid secure and provides hand sanitiser, face masks, visors and bottled water FREE to participants and their carers.

Forthcoming sessions are:

Monday's 2.30pm Gill Nethercott Centre, Whitchurch RG28 7HP

Tuesday's 2.30pm Melrose Hall, Abbey Road, Popley RG24 9ES

Wednesday's 2.30pm Village Hall, Sherborne St John RG24 9HR 


BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as participant numbers are limited to comply with government advice.


Free 'pop up' Let's Move classes and Scam Awareness presentations for group meetings & day centres can be booked across our area.  

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